The Giorgio Rocca Ski Academy opens at Hotel Schloss
The Ski Academy of the beloved world champion opens its doors in Pontresina at our Hotel Schloss

From this year it will be even more fun and exciting to put on skis choosing among the offers offered by the "Giorgio Rocca Ski Academy" that opens its doors at the castle fortress Hotel Schloss Pontresina Family & Spa.
The Ski Academy of the beloved world champion teaches skiing and improving skills to children, with the Ski Team reserved for them, and also adults, combining reliability, safety and high technology, offering real experiences involving training.
Participants can experience freestyle, alpine, telemark, and Nordic skiing, and also snowshoeing. You can follow alongside Giorgio Rocca with the Ski With The Champion program, you can participate in descents at night or at dawn, go up in a helicopter to ski, adhere to experiences that bring you behind the scenes of World Cup skiing, and also take descents with tobaggans and trekking on the snow; the "Giorgio Rocca Ski Academy" ensures a world where 'money can’t buy experience'.

After a day on skis it will be even more pleasant to take refuge at Hotel Schloss!




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